Child Support Spreadsheet Template

At the bottom of this page, links appear to download three versions of a child support spreadsheet template. This template must be used with a relatively modern version of one of the three major spreadsheet programs, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, or Quattro Pro.

No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied. Verify any results from using this tool. Users MUST be able to ANALYZE the FORMULAS which are used by the program. The template is designed for common situations, at least those which are common in our rural area. Although the template is saved with sheet-locking in effect, sheets can easily be unlocked and a formula modified in any of the three versions. The method of doing so is different in each program. The template is distributed with sheets locked to facilitate use by attorneys' legal assistants or secretaries and prevent inadvertent changes. If there is an unusual situation, the user must be prepared to adjust or modify formulas to achieve a valid result. This template is intended to be a FLEXIBLE TOOL to be used intelligently, and not in an unthinking, rote fashion.

Use of this template is NOT suggested unless the judge in the particular case uses this spreadsheet or allows you to use any spreadsheet software. If your judge uses other software, you would be better served by using the other software.

This spreadsheet was developed by Judge Cassel during his district court judicial service. Upon his taking office in the court of appeals, he has discontinued any involvement in the continuing maintenance or distribution of this tool.

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