The Spreadsheet Template Alternative to the Joint Property Statement

At the bottom of this page, links appear to download three versions of a joint property statement spreadsheet template. This template must be used with a relatively modern version of one of the three major spreadsheet programs, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, or Quattro Pro.

This new spreadsheet has been tested on Lotus 1-2-3 97 edition, Microsoft Excel 2000, and Quattro Pro 9. Later versions of the spreadsheet software should be compatible. With earlier versions of spreadsheet software, the multiple sheet format may not operate properly. In addition, the new template will not work with "lite" software, such as Microsoft Works, that does not support multiple sheets.

This spreadsheet is intended as an automated alternative to the rather complex joint property statement form required in dissolution actions where division of property and debts is disputed. By entering, as to each item, (1) the description, (2) indicator of which party presently possesses the item, (3) indicator of which party husband proposes to distribute the item, (4) indicator of which party the wife proposes to distribute the item, (5) the nature of dispute over distribution, (6) the husband's value of the item, (7) the amount that husband claims as his nonmarital property, (8) the amount husband admits constitutes wife's nonmarital property, (9) the wife's value of the item, (10) the amount that wife claims as her nonmarital property, and (11) the amount that wife admits constitutes husband's nonmarital property, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate all of the amounts for the summary page. The summary page is essentially the same as the summary page for the regular Joint Property Statement form. The summary page and all of the supporting schedules would be printed and submitted as the alternative to the Joint Property Statement (Form F-12).

This spreadsheet cannot substitute for obtaining the necessary information. Just as the word processing version of the Joint Property Statement requires obtaining detailed information from the each party as to each item and requires the parties or their counsel to consult one another in the preparation of the statement, this spreadsheet also requires obtaining the information and consulting the other party or counsel to properly complete the schedules.

No warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied. Verify any results from using this tool. All of the columns on the schedule (input) pages must be properly filled or the summary page will be erroneous. Actual use under real conditions may disclose errors. Please report any errors found to Judge Cassel.

Further distribution without charge is permitted so long as: (1) that my identity in development of the template is acknowledged, and, (2) this information is distributed to all potential users.

Judge Cassel

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