Release Notes Regarding Year 2003 Version 1 Release

On all of the property schedule pages, entries MUST be made in columns A, B, C, D, F, and I. The entries in columns B, C, and D must be either H or W. The entries in columns F and I must be numbers. Do not type commas in entering numbers. If items have values in the thousands or higher, commas are automatic. If columns G, H, J, or K apply to a particular item, the appropriate value must be entered in the column(s).

There are hidden sheets that have formulas used to total the numbers entered on the schedules and to properly calculate the numbers for the summary page. The pages contemplate no more than 2,000 items on Schedule A (household items) and no more than 200 items on any one of the other schedules. If you have a situation with larger numbers of items, the particular hidden sheet for the affected schedule will have to be displayed, and additional lines of formula replicated.