For competition, the state is divided into 12 geographic regions. The Eighth Judicial District boundaries comprise Region 4 for state mock trial competition. The winner of Region 4 advances to the State Mock Trial Tournament in December.

In 2003 and prior years, then District Judge William B. Cassel of Ainsworth and attorney William V. Steffens of Broken Bow served as the coordinators for Region 4. The coordinators develop the competition schedules, arrange for courtrooms, request the assistance of lawyers to serve as mock trial team coaches and as judges for each trial, communicate with teams and teacher-sponsors, and provide information about the project to the general public through the news media. Of course, the coordinators receive no compensation.

Region 4 is divided into two districts, north and south. Depending upon the number and locations of schools participating, in some years a consolidated regional competition is held. In other years, the winners of north and south district competitions meet to determine the regional champion.

The competition is a modified double elimination format.